Careers at DCI


We’ve built a friendly environment with diverse and challenging work, where you can work both independently and collaboratively.

As a full-service transportation engineering firm, everyone at DCI has the chance to work on multidisciplinary projects and to gain experience in many different areas of consulting engineering. Every day presents a new set of challenges and opportunities to learn from one another. Unlike large firms, we give you the chance to understand the big picture, and you will be among the first to learn about new technologies and how to apply them in novel ways.

At DCI, employees are encouraged to pursue their professional growth and are given the freedom to promote their ideas and propose new initiatives. We look for people who keep pushing harder, who want the next project to be even better than the last, and who won’t stop learning.

We’re a financially sound company with strong employee benefits — but to us it’s not just about the bottom line. We are individual engineers who are loyal to the company and to our clients. We have a responsibility to the public agencies we serve, to our fellow engineers and to the citizens who live and travel where we work. We plan and design transportation systems that are safe, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally responsible because we see what we do as a contribution to the greater good.

If you believe you can bring the highest level of dedication, commitment and enthusiasm to the field of transportation engineering and design, we’d like to hear from you.


Our 30-plus years of experience in all aspects of transportation engineering and design make us the top choice for multidisciplinary projects. Plus, as a midsize firm we have greater flexibility in meeting the needs of our clients, quicker response times and the freedom to innovate.