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Water Resources Engineering

In this civil engineering specialty, environmental regulations are changing constantly. We make it a priority to stay on top of them… and even ahead of them.

Work related to runoff management, stream impacts, shoreline improvements, and impoundments is highly regulated by a number of different agencies. DCI has the regulatory knowledge and experience to comply.

Richard Sobbott

With increasing concerns about the environment, water conservation and the potential for structural damage, we see the constraints on planning and construction growing more and more rigorous. In response, our plans go beyond the current standards and look into the future so that our clients can be compliant and then stay compliant.

Among the limited number of registered reviewers certified by the Maryland Department of the Environment, DCI employs three of them. We bring a wealth of experience—even decades worth—to guide our clients in the most efficient and cost effective processes and methodologies. We are not just reviewers, but also designers. Our ultimate goals are low-impact design and long-term compliance.

Our Water Resources Engineering services include:

  • Erosion & Sediment Control Plans
  • TMDL Compliance Strategies
  • MS4 and NPDES Permitting
  • Hydrologic Watershed Modeling
  • Floodplain Studies
  • Bridge & Culvert Replacement Studies
  • Drainage Related Emergency Response
  • Stormwater Management Design, Retrofits, Inspections
  • Critical Area 10% Rule Compliance
  • Construction Inspection and Stormwater As Builts
  • Closed System Drainage Design and Inspection
  • Drainage Complaints Investigation/Resolution/Expert Witness
  • Scour Analysis & Countermeasure Design
  • Expedited Technical Review Services
  • Structure/ Outfall Inspection and Illicit Discharge Detection
  • Forest Assessment and Conservation Planning
  • Permitting and Public Involvement
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans