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I-95 at Contee Road Interchange Design Stormwater Management Plans

DCI provided MDE review and certified the Erosion and Sediment Control plans to have met the requirements of MDE and Inspections of the BMP’s.

Three design packages included erosion and sediment control: Stage 1 mass grading (approximately 17 plan sheets), Stage 2 roadway construction (approximately 11 plan sheets), and combined Stage 3/4 roadway construction (approximately 17 plan sheets). DCI provided inspections and provided SWM as-built certification for the entire project. This work is being carried out in accordance with the RFP sections and the special provision in category 300. The project includes nine (9) new SWM dry pond BMPs and several ESD facilities. The project also includes approximately 10,000 linear ft of bio-swales in 30 separate facilities, approximately 15 micro-bio-retention facilities, and 3 grass swales.

Our 30-plus years of experience in all aspects of transportation engineering and design make us the top choice for multidisciplinary projects. Plus, as a midsize firm we have greater flexibility in meeting the needs of our clients, quicker response times and the freedom to innovate.