Areawide Streetlight Design


Areawide Streetlight Design Projects

DCI has developed numerous streetlight design packages as a Prime Consultant for the District Department of Transportation. Several examples include:

East Capitol Street Streetlight Design

DCI developed the design package for East Capitol Street from 40th Street to the DC line. The design involved removal of existing pendant poles located on the median and installation of new LED teardrop luminaires on pendant poles with a dedicated conduit duct bank. Tasks included coordination with utility companies, facilitating submission/approval of design plans to different agencies and DDOT administrations, survey of existing conditions, incorporating existing conditions into the new streetlight design, preparing erosion and sediment control plans and geocoding all streetlight assets.

Minnesota Avenue SE Streetlight Design

This project involved use of multiple types of poles/fixtures, application of both underground/overhead cabling and an evaluation of LED lighting for potential use. The project also included design of a dedicated six-conduit duct bank. DCI performed the topographic survey, field inventories, design development and preparation of PS&E package. The illumination calculations were based on a lighting model design using AGi32 lighting software.

Malcolm X Avenue SE Streetlight Design

DCI developed the design package for a 1-mile segment along Malcolm X Avenue SE between Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and South Capitol Street. This project involved use of multiple types of poles and fixtures as well as application of both underground and overhead cabling.

Sherman Circle NW Streetlight Design : DCI designed the lighting for the park within Sherman Circle. Coordinating with the National Park Service, Commission of Fine Arts and DDOT administration officials, DCI was able to satisfy all stakeholders’ requirements using No. 16 upright poles with LED luminaires housed in traditional Washington Globes. The design included a combination of boring and trenching to run conduits between manholes and streetlights and provided meter services.

Rhode Island Underpass NE Lighting Design

This project involved removal of existing fixtures and installing new LED wall mounted fixtures with new conduits, cables and junction boxes. DCI developed a 3D lighting models to simulate existing and proposed conditions for the 200-foot long underpass. Tasks included researching commercially available tunnel luminaires to recommend the most compatible fixture meeting and exceeding DDOT requirements for optimal de-

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