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Areawide Transportation Planning Studies

DCI has performed various transportation studies in the District as a Prime Consultant including:

Mount Pleasant Transportation Study

DCI was responsible for collecting existing traffic operations, signal systems, signing, pavement markings, transit, pedestrian, bicycle and parking patterns. The final phase of the project included the development of a conceptual level designs for build alternatives consisting of traffic signal equipment locations, signs, pavement markings, crosswalks, on-street parking, roadway alignment, lane use, sidewalks and curb ramps.

15th Street Traffic Calming study

This study looked at a residential segment of 15th Street between Decatur and Varnum Street in Northwest DC. DCI conducted the operational analysis and evaluation of existing traffic operations at six intersections to assess the safety conditions and Level of Service along the segment. Alternatives developed managed the needs of motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, parking restrictions, businesses and schools.

Military Road Corridor Improvements

An independent evaluation of Military Road NW Corridor was performed to assess the impacts of traffic operational changes that DDOT implemented on a trial basis. Traffic studies performed included signal system analysis, signal timing optimizations, feasibility studies, signal warrant studies, alternatives development and travel time studies. A before and after study was conducted by assessing the various measures of effectiveness for the mitigation measures recommended.

Brentwood Road Transportation Study

DCI lead the traffic operation analysis and enhancement of pedestrian and vehicular safety for the area-wide planning study. Following comprehensive data collection and field investigations, DCI provided a detailed existing conditions report and a recommendations report that included traffic simulation modeling, crash data analysis, capacity analysis, safety analysis, various operational improvements and determined the associated traffic impacts. The final phase of the project included development of conceptual level design recommendations and construction cost estimates.

Our 30-plus years of experience in all aspects of transportation engineering and design make us the top choice for multidisciplinary projects. Plus, as a midsize firm we have greater flexibility in meeting the needs of our clients, quicker response times and the freedom to innovate.