Advanced Traffic Management


Advanced Traffic Management System Software Enhancement & Integration

Capital Traffic Operations Platform (CapTOP) is a GIS-based Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) software platform supporting the District’s Traffic Management Center’s (TMC) unique daily operation needs. Major goals of this system are to reduce tedious paper work for TMC operators and to provide a user-friendly means to record incident data, incident location data, generate reports and to monitor speeds throughout the District.

DCI was selected for Phase I and II of this project to enhance the existing Cap-TOP for developing it into a large-scale ATMS system supporting multiple user categories and agencies as well as integrate multiple ITS subsystems. Subsystems include traffic surveillance, monitoring, detection equipment and control devices. Phase I consisted of defining the software functional requirements including conducting stakeholders’ interviews, defining operational requirements and developing the Concept of Operations based on the open architecture from the Systems Engineering V-Model for ITS.

Phase II of the CapTOP ATMS project included the development of the ATMS software system for phased deployment. This effort required vigorous testing and verification of the system performance requirements. DCI comprehensively tested the ATMS software to ensure that the application encompassed all required functionality to manage and control existing and planned ITS devices on District freeways and arterial street systems. Tasks included:

  • Conducting a thorough review of DDOT’s ATMS function requirements and contract documents
  • Coordination between DCI ITS engineers and the ATMS software provider to derive testing requirements and test plans for final agency acceptance
  • Performing final acceptance testing for the ATMS central control software developed
  • Providing DDOT with comprehensive acceptance testing results for each phase of the project

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