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Maintenance of Traffic Plans for the Jones Falls Pumping Station

DCI provided traffic control plans for the installation of 20,000 linear feet of 42” sanitary sewer force main along on street segments that include Ash Street, Clipper Mill Road, Falls Road, Roland Avenue, Falls Cliff Road, 33rd Street, Remington Avenue, Wyman Park Drive, Huntingdon Avenue, 28th Street, 27th Street, Reese Street, Exeter Hall Avenue, Garrett Avenue, Aisquith Street, Bonaparte Avenue, Broadway and Oliver Street of Baltimore City.

As part of the consultant team, DCI was responsible for the development of Work Zone Maintenance of Traffic Plans. This work involved construction phasing and detour plans for the closure of streets and intersections. DCI developed Traffic Control Plans for the individual blocks. Work also involved keeping commercial entrances open at all the times for businesses such as Carol Independent Fuel Company, Cloverland Dairy and Baltimore Stationary Company. DCI developed Traffic Control Plans in three phases for commercial entrances to provide access for commercial vehicles (WB-50). DCI inventoried roadway features that included existing traffic control devices, existing traffic signs, pavement markings and on street parking. DCI incorporated the impact of the lane closures, construction phasing, private entrances, and geometric grade aspects in the plan preparation.

DCI coordinated the development of the plans with the City traffic engineers and other involved agencies. Plans were submitted at three levels – preliminary, semi-final and final. DCI prepared contract plans, specifications and estimates. DCI developed special provisions and plans in-accordance with SHA specifications, Baltimore City Green Book, MUTCD and SHA Book of Standards. In addition, DCI performed Post-Award services and construction administration by responding to RFIs. During the construction stage, additional detours were needed due to field conditions. DCI reviewed shop drawings, attended field meeting during construction to resolve field problems. DCI staff worked with community leaders for their input in detours and construction staging at access locations.

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