MDTA ITS Engineering Design


MDTA ITS Engineering Design Services

CCTV System Designs

DCI prepared 100% construction documents for the civil, structural, electrical and fiber optics related plans, related specifications and engineer’s estimate. The project involved installation of 65 CCTV Cameras along major routes including I-95, I-695, I-895 and MD 301. DCI designed a state-of-the-art CCTV system for the MDTA using MPEG-2 encoding/decoding over a fiber-based gigabit network. The system provides traffic surveillance coverage for MDTA’s highways and bridges (Hatem Bridge, Bay Bridge, Nice Bridge, Key Bridge).

The structural plans involved the design of the auger and spread footer foundations for 50, 60, 70 foot high camera poles, pier/girder mounted steel poles and Toll Plaza roof mount camera pole support system. The plan preparation involved a detailed search of existing plans and survey CADD electronic files. The design efforts involved the challenging situation for the aerial cable support system along the stretch of the existing 9,000 foot long Francis Scott Bridge, 10,000 foot long Harry W. Nice Memorial Bridge and 7,600 foot long Thomas J. Hatem Memorial Bridge.

Fiber Optic Network GIS Database and Management System Design

DCI developed a fiber optic network management system designed to assist MDTA’s technical staff to review, edit, update and map fiber optic network data to include CCTVs, fiber optic cables, manholes and handholes covering MDTA maintained roadways.

The system was designed with three main components: geodatabase, graphical user interface and management application tools. These components allow MDTA staff to review and edit inventory data, network diagrams, charts and images in various formats. The customized user interface and tools were implemented as DLL extensions utilizing COM technology which can modify and update network data. The application also provides an interface to allow users to review and edit non-GIS files from applications such as Visio. These easy to use custom add-on tools (not included with ArcGIS software package) were added to enhance users’ editing capabilities and to display multimedia datasets. The network topology and attribute relationships were built into the geodatabase.

Incident Detection System Design

DCI designed a video-based incident detection system for MDTA’s Fort McHenry and Baltimore Harbor Tunnels. The system detects and alerts operators of stopped vehicles within the tunnels.

ITS Device Maintenance and Inspection Services

DCI conducts routine ITS equipment inspections for Over-Height Detection Systems and Radio Rebroadcast Systems at the I-895 Electronic Toll Lanes, Baltimore Harbor Tunnel and Fort McHenry Tunnel facilities. Maintenance includes reviewing video detection logs to determine the percentage of false alarm detection rates, testing interior/exterior emergency lights and audible alarms and system detection sensor verifications.

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