Traffic Management Center


Prince George’s County Traffic Management Center Work Plan

DCI developed a work plan to implement Phase II of Prince George’s County’s Traffic Response and Information Partnership (TRIP) Center. The purpose of the initiative was allow its personnel to more efficiently manage the operations of the County’s transportation systems.

The purpose of the work plan document was to describe the technical and programmatic requirements for Phase II TRIP Center development. The document provided a background of the vision and needs for Prince George’s County citizens, a description of the tasks desired and a planned schedule for the TRIP Center’s system development and implementation. Sections of the work plan included the TRIP Center architectural layout concept, scope of work for contractors, mapping of the National ITS Architecture and project tasks (acceptance testing, maintenance, etc). Remaining sections of the work plan included a high-level project schedule and the required project administration activities to allow the Department of Public Works and Transportation to review and provide Contractors with input during the TRIP Center system development process.

Prince George’s County primary goals were to add new functionality (i.e. DMS, Highway Advisory Radio, temperature probes, etc) and to expand its existing Intelligent Transportation Systems coverage throughout nearly 800 square miles of County area. DCI also supported Prince George’s County in the preparation of the work plan for Phase I.

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