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Intelligent Transportation Systems

Our solid knowledge base of ITS equipment and procedures allows us to incorporate devices that lead to improved safety, fuel efficiency and air quality.

At DCI, planning and application of Intelligent Transportation Systems are part of our routine activities. For this reason, we stay up-to-date on the available technologies and applications, and we know which products are national architecture compliant. Our plans are clear and thorough, developed only after all the players have been brought to the table and we have a proposal that works for everyone with a stake in the project.

We’re different in that we can provide ITS device design and overall ITS system design. We can provide these services alone, or within a larger project design, or during the planning stage.

As ITS capabilities continue to grow, we will remain highly qualified to integrate them into our designs.

Kiran Patel

Another difference: We provide traffic incident management planning with multi-jurisdictional coordination among multiple agencies. For more than 30 years, the Baltimore-Washington area has been our base of operations so we know the intricacies of the local and state government regulations. We also have built close relationships with the region’s transportation agencies. These factors allow us to smoothly collaborate with various public and private sector partners in the development and approval of a plan.

DCI is one of the few firms on the East Coast (and elsewhere) that creates traffic emergency management plans. Locally, we collaborate with the Coordinated Highways Action Response Team (CHART) to make our roads safer and more efficient during evacuations.

Our Intelligent Transportation Systems services include:

  • Traffic Monitoring Systems
  • Congestion Management Systems
  • ITS Architecture
  • Systems Evaluation
  • Centralized Traffic Signal Systems
  • Advanced Traffic Management Systems
  • ITS Device Design
  • Regional Operations Coordination
  • Weather Information Systems Design
  • High Occupancy Vehicle Applications
  • Automated Enforcement Systems
  • Regional Emergency Evacuation Planning
  • Freeway/Corridor Incident Management
  • Advanced Traveler Information Services
  • ITS Device Management Software Design