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Transportation Engineering and Planning

DCI is adept in every function within traffic engineering services — from start to finish — for both public and residential projects.

We provide the full range of multi-modal transportation engineering and planning services, used alone or in combination with any other service we provide. Truly, we have done it all, working with major departments of transportation in Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, North Carolina and New Jersey. Our decades of experience working in this region have made us thoroughly familiar with city, state and federal regulations. That means our designs will be fully compliant right from the start.

Today’s planning and design is multi-modal. We have to consider the entire network of the means of transportation.

Tanya King

We’re the kind of partner who can help you to be innovative, proactive and cost effective. We’re on top of the latest technologies and we know which proven technologies work best and where. Our engineers are proactive by initiating an open and ongoing dialogue to uncover all of your needs, your expectations and your budget requirements. We’re cost effective by running multiple scenarios to give you options from which to choose and by considering the contingencies that could arise, which will help you to avoid cost increases during construction.

Our transportation engineering and planning services include:

Transportation Engineering

  • Traffic Signal System Design
  • Signing and Marking Design
  • Roadway and Tunnel Lighting Design
  • Maintenance of Traffic & Traffic Control Plan Design
  • Emergency Traffic Management Planning
  • Transportation Systems Planning
  • Traffic Data Collection
  • Traffic Operational Analyses
  • Highway Capacity Analysis
  • Parking Studies
  • Travel Time and Delay Studies
  • Spot Speed Studies
  • Signal Warrant Studies
  • Signal Timing Optimization
  • Express Toll Lane Studies
  • Road Safety Audits

Transportation Planning

  • Travel Demand Forecasting
  • Origin – Destination Surveys
  • Traffic Calming Studies and Design
  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Land Use and Zoning Studies
  • Safety Improvement Studies
  • Transportation Alternative Analysis
  • Transportation System Management Analysis
  • Traffic Simulation Modeling
  • GIS Database Application Design
  • GIS Transportation Planning Systems Design